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Just in case...

So sorry...we couldn't
put our outside cam up this time around!
New camera people will be heading here
in a week or so to revise absolutely everything.

New Photos

We took photos of our
cute little Fledging Owlets...
Rocket, Jett, Chase and Zippy


BEST news of ALL...
They are Happy and Healthy
(That's what we named you for, Kiddoes!)


Taking a Peek...
Friday, April 22, 2011 - 8:30 PM
(Zippy stayed indoors the night of these photos.)

Zip's NOT quite ready to fly yet.
He still has too many 'fuzzy feathers' all over.
Fortunately, O & O (Mom & Pop) keep throwing
 big and little 'critters' through the door for him to
munch on,
while his feathers grow...'Fling and Fly'.)


Rocket and Jett...on the Camera Perch 
Friday, April 22, 2011 - 8:30 PM


The Wonderful Night View
from Our Backyard...and
Rocket, Jett and Chase are on the Cam Perch.
Zippy is still indoors...




Chase joins Rocket and Jett on the Camera Perch
Sunday, April 24, 2011 - 9 PM

They couldn't ALL make it back to the Owlbox Perch at the same time!
But they tried!
Sunday, April 24, 2011 - 9 PM


   "We're almost ALL...
    Ready to ROLL!"
  This is an Inside Camera shot of Rocket
     April 26, 2011...standing in front of the door,
   waiting patiently to go out for the night!

this was her last night indoors
   with the other owlets.

   She's out there playing with Owliver and Owlivia now
   learning how to hunt, and spending the daytime
   hours in all their favorite trees
WITH them!

Bye-Bye Rocket girl...ALL the BEST!



These 2 photos of Chase above were taken April 27, 8pm


Zip's FIRST NIGHT OUT...Thursday, April 28, 2011

I can also see the other 3 plus Owlivia out there too,
calling to him while circling and flying overhead.

Sorry, folks, about how far away this shot is...
we didn't want to scare him on his
first attempt out of the box! 
We wanted him to concentrate on flapping, checking out his new world 
and more - not on us,nor camera lights nor distractions of ANY kind!
We will get
more shots later when he gets a bit more comfortable with his new-found freedom.





















Shots from


night out...
Friday, April 29, 9pm

This morning
Jett, Chase and
Zip were in the box together all day.
Rocket has
"flown the coop!"

But is nearby
for sure!





Zippy is a

He's the one on the left,
and is very, very white
in comparison...



























Zip's out of the Box!
...He's checking it all out TOO!

     These shots taken

     Saturday night, 9PM April 30, 2011



  Sure wish this shot hadn't been so blurry,
but I'm glad we were lucky enough to capture it anyway.
     ...SO great to remember this moment!

LOTS and lots of happy noise seemingly coming from everywhere! Chittering, calling, swooping, jumping, playing and good activity out there tonight.

It was very fun to watch!
The only way I could think of this time to share...is with photos. Thanks to you, our good friends for suggesting it.
Next time...the outside cam will work. Then we can ALL see at the same time!

Jett's Last night in the owlbox was
Sunday night, May 1, 2011. 

Bye-bye Jett...have a truly great life!


Only Chase and Zip are left.
Do they look unhappy yet?  Nope!

They're Smiling!
Just 'waiting' to go out tonight...

Photo May 2, 2011

Chase...Monday, May 2, 2011 8pm

May 5, 2011

Only Zip was here last night, overnight.
He stayed in the box alone all day.

May 6, 2011
Zippy and Chase were in the box  together all day.
They've always been good buddies, and will probably disappear together.
Toooo soooon...

May 7, 2011
Only Zip today. He must not be quite ready to depart yet. 
He came into the box during early daylight, 6am or so.
He will be staying in the box alone all day.

May 8 , May 9,  and May 10th
Sunday, Monday
& Tuesday, Zippy still in Owlbox during the daylight hours.
Gooood Boy!
You'll be ready when you are ready.

May 11, 2011

This morning, no Zippy!

Awwww...See'ya Zippy.

We all care about ALL of you little owlets!
It was fun sharing a little piece of your life
each and every one of you...
Rocket, Jett, Chase and Zippy!

Have a GREAT life out there!

(Catch LOT S of MICE TOO while you're at it ...xxxooo)

















For their Safety...

Especially for our 4 little ones learning how to fly, it may 'seem' like a long way down & into the canyon from there, and it is!
BUT there's

And ALL of our little 'fledgers'
have used it plenty

Click photo below...Fast forward to 35 minutes.




"So Don't Worry."




And by the way, when you get the chance,
certainly don't want to miss...

Click on the Photo above for an unedited
and wonderfully


Shot on Wednesday March 30, 2011

Anyone know which owlet this one is?

Camera was on. I saw this cute face watching as I tuned in, and she saw me adjust the focus.
 I saw her stay interested.  As I move the camera...we play back and forth.
She was sooo aware and responsive!

Thought it would end any second, but it didn't.

Sweeet baby owlet. Wishing them all well.  Always.



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Rocket, Jett, Chase and Zippy
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