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Owlivia and Owliver

April 06, 2019




The art of Raku originated
in Japan in the16th century, where raku vessels were and still are used in the traditional
tea ceremony. 


It is a low-fire technique, where bisqued (fired once) work is then quickly heated to red hot temperature and then taken out of the kiln and finished in wood shavings, newspaper or a similar combustible material. The smoking then reduces the glaze which then takes on a finish unique to itself .

Raku, with its battle with the elements of fire and smoke is an exciting technique, one that is suited to communal firings, as many dedicated workshops can testify. While it is an age-old tradition from Japan, it has found many devout followers in western ceramic communities.

The items below all created from start to finish...
 are my own RAKU pieces.