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Owlivia and Owliver

April 06, 2019




Over 30 different little stoneware vessels,
high-fired, and with Porcelain Teeth! 
Each of them unique, singing their little hearts out for you,
in their own individual way! Lots of fun. 
I'll never tire of creating these little fellows.

"The Harmonies"

And couldn't you just expect...I used the SAME IDEA
and created 3 unique glass-top coffee tables. 
A Big guy holding two little guys, three ways,
all singing, and all looking up
through the glass at you!
Lots of FUN to see!





  Hand-thrown and altered, functional and decorative, high-fired, glazed ceramic stoneware sculptures - using two types of clay with Porcelain for teeth and accents.  BY DESIGN they promise to brighten your day! The finest heavy-duty beveled glass sits atop each piece. For added glass and floor protection, heavy felt has been applied to each hand holding the glass.  


And here we have it...
The Gang is all together again!