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April 06, 2019




Healthcare Marketing Magazine Best in the West, Indio, California, Grand Opening.  For development of original commemorative poster, signed & personally numbered  for all guests by LaMarche.

Western Hospital Association Best in the West, for production of an original television spot entitled: “Better Babies Bureau”

International Hall of Fame, International Association of  Fairs and Exposition’s  Best in Northern Hemisphere  for “Orange County Fair Comes Alive” 

OCAF Orange County Ad Awards Certificate of  Excellence for “Western Digital Corporation Annual Report” 

29TH ITCC  International Award of Achievement, Society for Technical Communication for  “Western Digital Corporation Annual Report”



Nekoosa Papers Certificate of Merit for Graphic Excellence for “Somerset Invitations”

OCAF Orange County Ad Awards Certificate of Excellence for Valleycrest  Land Company’s “MacMillan Ranch” brochure

Crane’s Certificate of Distinction, Expressions on Crane Papers  for “John F. Kennedy Memorial  Foundation Letterhead ensemble and Press Kit" 

OCAF Orange County Ad Awards Certificate of Excellence for “Cerebral Palsy fundraising brochure" Nonprofit category/Brochures    

Kimberly Clark First Place Award for  Excellence in Graphic Design for “Monarch Custom Pools, Inc."

M.A.M.E. Award First Place 
for Robert P. Warmington Company (a housing development Corporation) “Great Beginnings” for Peppermill Run  

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