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                             Website Strategies
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Web site strategic planning maps a path for maximizing the effectiveness of your web site. Strategic planning directly impacts your web site's success as it forms the framework for how your entire site is developed.  

Web Strategic
Planning Process  

  • Preliminary Planning  
    Create web site mission, objectives, and resource requirements to determine project scope.  
  • Needs Analysis
    Develop requirements from a company, customer,  
    and industry points of view.
  • Concept Development  
    Specify site concepts to achieve requirements.

Required Expertise

  • Web Strategist  
    Business exploration, facilitating, focus group 
    design, survey design 
  • All Development Team Members 
    Concepts Creation


Activities, Time 
and Costs Estimates 

             ...with the
EXPERTS you want, 
          WHEN  you need them.
  • Basic: 1 Week, $1,000
    Preliminary planning session, concept meeting, internal review, concept summary
  • Standard: 1 Month, $10,000  
    Preliminary planning sessions, internal information 
    gathering, secondary needs research, concept meetings, concept research, internal review, surveys and/or focus 
    group testing, concept specification
  • In-Depth: 4 Months, $50,000+ 
    Preliminary planning sessions, internal information exploration, primary and secondary needs research, 
    concept meetings, concept research, internal reviews, in-depth surveys and/or focus group testing, detailed 
    concept specification






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