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April 06, 2019




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Sandra Hogan LaMarche
is the lead designer of her own company, 'The Network,' a full-service art and design studio. 

We solve problems, improve strategies, hit targets and achieve goals. We're the team that works as part of your team with the dependability and creativity you can count on.

Whether it's designing a single data sheet or 4-color ad, designing and executing an illustration, orchestrating a photo shoot or developing a full-blown rollout introducing new product line,
no job is too small, no campaign is too large. We can execute assignments from concept to delivery. 

r, we can do a part of a job. It's whatever you specify. Sandra's problem solving abilities can be your key to unleashing wildly successful advertising programs. 

There are always crunches, like the time crunch, the budget crunch, and the quality crunch. Anybody can solve one. Some creative shops can solve two. Our team can help you solve all three. 

Whether your target audience is a broad spectrum or the narrowest 
of vertical markets, we can help you hit that target.
























Although our company is small in numbers, our creativity, and the impact it has had on different markets, has won national recognition and awards for excellence.                           
We believe that art is a marketing tool that when used properly can achieve results that are tangible and reproducible. But more importantly, 
we believe that the true measure of creativity is performance. Our credentials are vested in our reputation and MANY years of accomplishments in Orange County...and nationwide.

Studio located in 
Paradise, Nevada 89121

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