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April 06, 2019



 A recent photo & comment...

"This main website I've used forever, will be shortened and updated soon.

With time to spare, and missing a few great projects with their crazy deadlines...I am truly looking forward to the excitement of working on a few more! Even the challenge of it all provides such joy throughout its entire evolution. And sooo...for those who know, a creative person with a purpose is the BEST!
     I hope you enjoy viewing my favorite finished projects & history herein!
     Best wishes always, Sandra" 


General History, Photos, Awards, Public Relations and Credits


Concepts, Logos with Complete Corporate Identity Programs, Advertising Campaigns, Annual Reports, Brochures, Print Ads, Product Packaging Design, Radio & TV, Marketing Videos, Data Sheets, Catalogs, Press Kits, Exhibits, Illustration, Photo Manipulation... 

Samples of GRAPHICS in this website 
..a very Short Version f
or those in a hurry. 

Original Paintings including Portraits, Oceans, Abstracts, Birds, Animals, Seascapes, Landscapes, & Other Subjects. A free use of many  techniques afford a wealth of diversity in Graphic Illustration potentials useful in commercial projects whenever needed...
Originals are for Sale (Send email for prices)

                OIL PAINTING PORTRAITS  created recently...

See the 'Samples' page, previewing several completed websites and some in progress. Also available are Simple Website Package Rates...

Recent NEW Sculpture

Email, Phone, Feedback information 

View the art, and order specially designed cards and matching envelopes, prints of Lake Forest paintings signed by local artist, Sandra Hogan-LaMarche, who painted our City. Originals are for Sale (Send email for prices).



Studio located in 
Paradise, Nevada 89121



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